ZigBee based Home Automation

Hi, Sckang:

I checked out the i*watch site, but could not make out anything, since I am english-bound.

The Centrome site looks like vaporware. Though their site is not small and they have a lot of paths to "products", there is not a single product on the web site. There are a lot of teases of the type of products they intend on offering, however. I hope they materialize.

This doesn't mean that they don't have products ready, but they may be waiting for Zigbee certification on each product. Here is where they may have trouble. As far as I know, the Zigbee Alliance has yet to certify a single end product conforming to the home automation profile. Also, the Zigbee specification was updated last year, requiring those with products waiting for certification to update their products.

Zigbee seems to me like the new high-speed train that can't get out of the station.