Zooz Zen-32 5 button in-wall zwave scene controller

This a hard-wired scene controller that can also directly control a single load (on/off, no dimming). The load should not exceed 3A motors, 1800w resistive load, 150W of LEDs or 960W of incandescent.

The load is normally controlled by the main button but it can be set to work only by zwave or all load control can be disabled (always on). Some 3/4/5-way configurations are possible.

It has 5 buttons, one large top button and four smaller ones in a square below. They are raised slightly so you can work it by feel. It is possible to get custom buttons through 3rd parties. The button action is shallow but sufficient.

Each button has an RGBW LED that can be assigned with parameters. I would have liked one more color so that each button could have a different one. Brightness levels can be set for each LED or they can be disabled. They can be very bright in a bedroom.

It primarily operates using central scene but does support Associations on the main button. Group 2 supports on/off, Group 3 supports press & hold for dimming.

There are advanced parameters for
  • Automatic timer turn off relay (1-65536 minutes)
  • Automatic timer turn on relay (1-65536 minutes)
  • Power failure recovery (resume, relay off, relay on)
  • Disable program features - this enables triple tap for the main button
  • 3 way switch type
  • RGBW operation of each button (on when off, off when on, always on, always off, etc)
Tested on Homeseer HS3Pro & HS4Pro