omnipro ii

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    Port forwarding

    Hello, I have an Omnipro2 and have been using Snaplink the last 7 years. For my needs, while at home or away, it all works good. Recently I can't connect when "away". Local control continues to work well. I think perhaps the fellow who port forwarded my Omnipro2/router for me about 7 years...
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    Can not connect to my OmniPro II

    Last week, when I updated my automation program with a new block, I checked off all but the Extended box, and hit send and then looked away. About 2 seconds later. I looked back and I was expecting to see it deleting the old program but it said, I believe “Waiting”. I had never seen that...
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    Troubleshooting network connectivity issues

    I've got the newer OmniPro 2 board above....with the 5 ports on the top left...2 empty sockets & flash chips below. Was having intermittent connectivity issues with Myro Home application, and getting about 1 in 6 pings back on local network from the OmniPro 2 IP address. Given that it is...