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    Replacement for W800RF32

    For many years I have been using a W800RF2 in my automation system. Mainly to receive info from some X10 senders. Well it has finally died (as did the company it would seem) and I need to find a replacement. Can anyone recommend a replacement unit? Thanks George M
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    Giving up on X-10, Z-Wave the way to go?

    I just can't seem to get my X-10 to work anymore. Tried new serial modules, phase coupler/repeaters, nothing it getting through anymore. I'm looking in to Z-Wave, but is the Leviton VRC0P anywhere to be found? I'm dead without it. I want to use the Omni IIe to be the controller. Is this...
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    Best x10 lamp module

    I have one area of my house thst I cannot get a lm465 lamp module to work. Is there a more sensitive x10 module? I suspect it’s a nearby plasma tv and a power strip connected to an outlet nearby sucking the signal out or putting noise on line. Before I pay for a filter could I try a more...
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    Getting Away from X-10, What to Use?

    I have a handfull of X-10 devices that basically all have stopped responding or rarely if at all.  It's time to move to something much more reliable.  What can I go to that I can still find items and interfaces for?   ZigBee interfaces are not available.  What are you all using and are the...