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$30 micro helicopter (video included)


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Yes, the link above is the right one.

Here is a photo of one like it:

looking at the picture, you will see it has a rudder, as well as two elevators. (Looking CLOSE you can see the linkage on the back, looks like small wires from top to bottom) That is what controls the individual elevators on either side independently of each other.

The one from Walmart is exactly the same size and construction, but has a SINGLE elevator along the back, and no rudder. Though you will get some control. like TonyNo said, it's differential thrust. This would allow for very sluggish turns, and lack the ability of banking altogether.

I have found the Buzz Word to make sure it's the right one, is that it's 4 Channel, and 3 servo's. The Wal Mart one has a single servo, to control up and down.

Now to just scour the web, and find one for a decent price....