319.5 sensors running in parallel with 2 systems


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I’m planning a move off of my OP2 and wondered whether sensors can be run into 2 different systems? Assume these sensors are just 1 way and the receiver just has to be programmed to receive or is there more to it? Thanks.
It should work without a problem, assuming the second receiver works with the sensors, of course. With GE sensors, no problem. Even a repeater should work. One way only.
Thanks. Just want to do some testing befroe switching over. Also may continue to use some of the OP2 programming. Just want to move some of the main alarm components, etc off of the OP2.
Elk is one, but thinking of moving to an Alarm.com integrated panel. I require integration with Lutron Radio RA2 (and a path to Radio RA3) and would love to reuse all of my GE sensors.