$50 4-Camera Web monitoring system.


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If anyone is SUPER CHEAP and wants some not-so-professional recommendations, I am your man.

My cheapest complete web/camera solution is a 4-camera night-vision setup for $40+shipping. Sounds crazy? You can get USB IR Color webcams from www.Geeks.com for $9.99. Use a software package like WebcamPro XP ($price not included cuz there are free software options). WebcamPro will even link the Webcams from multiple computers and stream them all to a website with audio, motion tracking, chat, admin & security features, and more!

Use the 5th camera option to stream your desktop as a camera feed and you can monitor your computer. Way cooler than any key logger.

Granted, you would never want to use this for any professional installs. I have a lot of friends who work in the resturaunt industry and they simply can't even think about the systems we consider cheap. But I think everyone has the right to security and technology. Hook a friend up =)

www.Geeks.com runs their "Green Light Specials" in the afternoon. They put hundreds of items on a super sale list. It only lasts like 5 hours a day, so hit them in the afternoon and make sure you are in the Green Light Sales area.

I have been buying them over the course of serval months from them. They did go out of stock for like a month though. I would grab a couple. I have seen $150 packages with this camera and a software package. I laughed when I knew the camera could be bought alone for $9.99.

Here is the link to it, it is on sale right now:

Don't foget a couple of those $6.99 Wireless microphone sets. They come with a case, batteries and everything!