6 Channel Master Hub not working


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I am building the 6 channel master hub kit. The first problem I had was that the 5 volt regulator did not work, no voltage out. I replaced the regulator and now have power.

The green led is lit, DS1 is out, DS2 and DS3 are lit. Is this ok, I do not have any one wire devices installed?

When I connect to the RS232 port on my computer and run the onewire viewer I get an error stating that no onewire network was found. I do have 5 volts on all the correct pins and I can see AC voltage activity on the RS232 line pin 13 and pin 12 of the max232. I also have about 9.5 volts on pin 2 and -9.6 volts on pin6 so I think the max232 is working. I do not see any activity at pin 8 of the DS2480B. I did look at the entire board under a microscope and all solder joints are good, and the chips are installed in the correct orientation. Any suggestions?

None of the RED leds should be lit when the unit is first powered up. The light up when the main branch of the DS2409 is enabled, which it is disabled on power up.

The other thing is to make sure you have the correct wires from the serial cable attached to the board. Sometimes the cables end up having a different color scheme from what I have in the assembly notes. If that is all correct it may be a bad DS2480B but I haven't seen one fail yet.

I am pretty sure the wiring is correct I buzzed it out and double checked it. Not sure how but it seems like the problem I had with the voltage regulator may have taken out the DS2480B and maybe the two DS2409's. Seems strange because voltage regulator output voltage was zero. I am going to pull R5 to isolate the two circuits. If both are still not working I'll get some new parts.