A set up question


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I need some help deciding on how to wire my new shop. It is about 100-125 feet from the house. I want to add cameras and connect the shop to my Elk. Any ideas how the best way would be? I thought about adding a networked pc and connect the cameras to that computer. But how would I work the Elk??

Any ideas are welcome. I have not started the shop, so I can change everything except the location.

If you just want to control the elk, an ethernet expansion and whatever wireless or wired network connectivity to the shop would suffice.

If you wanted sensors or the like connected, I'm guessing you would have to bury the wires but have no experience in this area.
Are you looking to have the motion sensors on the Elk trigger camera recording?
I ran a number of Cat5, RG6, power, and fresh water from house to barn (shop).

I put an ELK Input expansion module in the barn and use RS485 to connect the module to the ELK panel in the house. All the barn sensors connect to the expansion module, including overhead, swing doors, windows, motion, etc.

Ran a network cable so the barn is fully networked with the house.
Put a wireless A/P in the barn to extend the wireless range on that side of the property.

Send Video stream from video system in house to barn for TV in the barn.

You can use IP camera to send shop video to house for monitoring. You can also use one of the extra RG6 with cameras to send video too.

Put a PVC pipe (4 inch preferable) between house and barn and all the low voltage cable in it plus a nylon pull cable as you will always want to pull something else later.