Access Control (Door Locks) and HaikuHelper


I'm trying to add access control (specifically remote control of a door lock) to my current home automation set up.  Right now, I've got several Helios IP door stations around my property. One is at the front door.  I use that one as a video door phone (i.e. it is integrated into my SIP PBX) to that a visitor can ring the house and I can see who it is.  The Helios has a key pad and a switch (relay) so that when you punch in a correct code the Helios can open/close a lock.   
What I'd like to do is have the Helios operate an electronic lock at my front door AND integrate that with my home automation (HAI Omnipro II).  I'm trying to figure out the simplest and/or most elegant solution to do this.  HaikuHelper may be one way. 
Option 1:  If I simply hard wire an electric strike/drop bolt/mag lock to the Helios, I should be able to  open/close the front door lock when I punch in the correct code.  However, that alone won't integrate with the HAI.  I simply don't know if I can directly wire the Helios to the Omnipro II so that I can operate the lock with a "button" (and know whether someone has used their code to open the door).  I think I can add an HAI Access Control Module to the system. (I've got a couple of brand new 75A00-1s lying around). This HAI module wires into the Omnipro II.  It also has inputs so that I think I could wire it to the Helios and have the Helios send a signal to the module (or vice versa) and then open the door.   I guess I would place the access control module next to the Helios.  It would be overkill in that I don't really care about controlling the door with RFID.  
However, there may be another way to control the Helios and the door with HaikuHelper.  The Helios can both send and receive a command by HTTP.  In other words I can trigger the Helios (i.e. open/close the relay) by sending it an HTTP command.  (In fact, I have the Helios at my front door triggering the Helios at my driveway gate right now).  So, I suppose if I can program HaikuHelper  to send an HTTP command and create a "button" to do that, I could control the door from my home automation set up.  Is this possible in HH?  I think the Helios will also provide status ("state") information with an HTTP request which may mean I could program HH to provide me more information.  I do have some concerns about the security of this solution, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it. 
Another solution may be to bypass the Helios altogether and go for one of the new bluetooth lock solutions (e.d. Kevo or Goji).  I've got an iPad by the front door (on the interior) that runs Haiku and controls my automation.  Can Haiku or HH be programed to use the Bluetooth in the iPad to trigger one of those newer locks?  A variant of this would be to use a Zigbee or ZWave lock.  I know I can integrate that with the HAI and thus my Haiku.  (Aesthetically, I don't love these solutions because these wireless locks are bulky and would impair the beauty of my door). 
Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.
BTW:  I don't currently run HH.  I've been thinking about adding it (mostly for push notifications) but have been holding off.


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Option 1: That may be the best way as then your locks will actually appear as locks on the system.

Option 2: HaikuHelper can certainly control the locks over the HTTP API and thus via programming or buttons, but you won't be able to control it as actual lock type devices that way.

Option 3: Haiku cant be made to trigger the Bluetooth locks and they won't integrate with the system either, but you can maybe make it auto unlock as you get to the door, that may be good enough? ZigBee or Z-Wave will integrate and work as expected.


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If you use the 75A00-1 module you should be able to wire the Helios lock relay to the 75A00-1 request to exit wires. When the code is entered in the Helios the relay closes, which would be no different then using a request to exit button or motion.


HaikuHelpe is a good choice, but you need to program all controllers’ logic in JavaScript. You get to experience unlimited logic capabilities, integration with web services, devices, text-to-speech, and speech recognition and so on. All it lacks is the experience of real lock. You can’t operate it without connected device like a normal lock. Else, you can control the locks over the HTTP API.