Additional supervised Power for 4-wire smoke alarm


I am looking into an installation of an Elk M1 Gold for Security and Fire alarm on a bigger Warehouse building. The building requires a total of 27 smokes, which need to sound of at the same time if one device goes off and need to sound for 5 min after system is on battery back-up for 24 hours and need to be monitored by a central station.
I like to use the SystemSensor i3 - 4WTA-B - Smoke Sensor, 4-Wire Photoelectric, Thermal & Sounder coupled with the EOL relay and the RRS-MOD to reverse power when it goes into alarm and kick all of them on. The 4WTA-B has a listed draw of 35 mA and the EOL and RRS list 20 mA which brings us to a total load of 985 mA. The Elk states that it can only provide 500mA in a UL listed installation. Do I need to use a different panel or is there a way to increase the needed amp on the main board?
Not at home at the moment, so don't have any of my reference material handy. However, there are supervised power supplies available. Altronix is one IIRC. Hopefully, someone with reference materials handy (or a better memory) can add on.
I believe that Altronix, Preferred Power, Honeywll and others make a power supply that you could use.
Thanks for the input, greatly appreciated. I am looking inti this - and still need to figure out how to integrate this with the Elk M1G system...any thoughts?
I definitely want to have the ability to silence the alarms (if it was false of course) via any keypad with a valid user code and reset the system. The building will have eight partitions – areas with individual keypads and subpanels (all powered).