System Sensor Cosmod 4W


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I have a new ELK M1 installation with System Sensor COSMOD4W module, and using a mixture of i3 smoke # Cosmo 4W and i3 #4WT-B. I am using a SS ELOR-1 relay for reset & all units sound in both the 3 & 4 temporal modes for smoke & CO. The smoke and CO sensors trigger in test mode & the Cosmod 4W indicates correct wiring. The smoke / CO sensors are powered by an separate Altronix triggered by a 912 relay from SAUX. 
My question is with the Cosmod 4W not showing either the red LED on smoke alarm or blue LED on CO alarm. The green LED blinks in normal mode, the yellow blinked briefly to show a loop wire fault ( corrected ).  The red led does not turn on in when smoke is tested & blue LED does not turn on when the CO is tested. I can not find a wiring problem. I have also tested by connecting a single 4WT-B with the 3.9K resistor with same results. 
Any ideas? Is this a defective Cosmod 4W or is this a wiring issue?