Aegis 1500 Woes


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Hello All,
I started the day thinking I had a minor task of changing the daytime heating setpoint of my Aegis 1500 only to find I've now got a much bigger issue. :(
I've generally been quite pleased with the Aegis 1500 since we built this home in 2003.
I spent much time programming and then tweaking the programming early on an a few years afterwards.
I probably haven't touched it's programming in about 5 years or so (only occasionally correcting time drift at the keypads).
I really haven't had a need to do anymore since it just worked.
Today, I find that I can no longer access the unit via the installer provided software (HSM Dealer Configuration Software, v2.3).
The connection to the Aegis is via the home phone line as my Aegis doesn't have ethernet and the software I have only supports modem access.
During the connection process, I can hear the modem go through the negotiation, but it never makes the connection.  If I listen very carefully, I can hear the Aegis respond with it's voice menu at a very low volume.
I get the same audio menu if I pick up an inside telephone handset and press '#'; again, at a very low volume and with much distortion (like an AM radio). (I distinctly remember the audio be very strong and clear when I last did this years ago.)
In researching this issue, I find:
- Aegis is no more, but that's OK because it's really an HAI Omni, but...
- HAI Omni is no more, but that's OK because they were bought by Leviton, but...
- Leviton has discontinued the Omni product line :(
I see several possible options but lack the experience/expertise to identify realistic options.
The options I (naively) see are:
- attempt to power cycle my Aegis (disconnect the battery & AC)
- attempt to locate newer software (HSM Dealer Configuration ?v2.9+?) that could directly interface via the Aegis' on-board serial port
- attempt to locate an OmniPro II (which looks like it would be a direct replacement [I/O wise] to my Aegis 1500)
- something else :(
Any advice on how I should approach this problem would be most welcome!
Thank and best regards,



Welcome to the Cocoontech forum Keith.
You can make your Aegis 1500 an OmniPro panel just changing out the chips on it or purchase an OmniPro panel board and hot swap it.
These boards last forever (literally) and continue to function fine.  You can utilize software to add bells and whistles to the board. (IE: Amazon Alexa Integration, email, texting status, control et al). 
Think of the panel as an automation controller on steroids (old now a days).  It talks X10, UPB, ZWave, Zigbee, Radio RA, et al.  It is primitive to todays standards and has a serial bus which works fine.
I am still using Omnitouch in wall screens here (very slow these days).  I have installed OmniTouchPro software on tabletop touchscreens and it is very fast.  That said I also utilize Homeseer touchscreens as an interface to the OmniPro 2 panel.  Old fashioned a bit here like my serially connected Omnistat thermostat that doesn't connect to the cloud.  
BTW used to scuba dive a bunch a while ago (started in the 70's)...PADI (Ralph Erickson was my teacher) and ACUC certified.  Ralph - RIP) would set up trips to the Cayman Islands. (in the 1970's)