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Hi Egus, deang & AngeloL,
I have not yet created an extended range temp/humidity sensor as they use a small micro controller and I cannot easily copy the information from the controller to duplicate it.
It is on my "To Do" List, but I have been spending some of my time trying to get my Hi-Fi 2 system to work! And trying to make my own version of it. Also, trying to see if I can use an ATMEGA32 (ardiuno) to create my own extended range temp sensor.
Hi Radcliff!
Sorry I haven’t been on the message board in a while due to some health issues.
If you are looking for a standard HAI 8 Relay Board, I have 2 original ones that I have phased out for my 16 channel relay boards.
I have setup a gmail account that you can email me at, [email protected] and we can discuss price and shipping info.

Hope your health is good now. I have two 31A00-7 or8s that have failed.
I believe the bad part is what appears to be a crystal with designation 9.83 ECSXR. Can these be salvaged?
They can probably be repaired, it is strange for the crystal to just stop working. Have you verified the microprocessor has power? A large amount of the components on the board are just to create a clean 12v dc supply and to convert it to 5v dc. Do you get any signal on the Humidity or Temp outputs?

I have not measured any voltages on the failed boards. One of them had the crystal mentioned above fall off the board when I removed it. The other one looked ok but had a little rust on the metal casing of the same chip. So I assumed that was the failing part. I located a supplier and purchased a few chips. Have not installed them yet. I had never used the humidity on these but have now checked. Both boards are read by the Omni as 0 temp and 0 humidity. I assume the microprocessor you mentioned is the one labeled 31A01. Which pin should have the 5 volts?

These 31A00s are used to measure outside temperature. Home is near salt water and high winds and fog are frequent. The boards are protected from direct rain or snow or sun.


Eric G