Airbee Announces Availability of ZNMS Lite


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ROCKVILLE, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 8, 2005--Airbee (OTC:ABEW), an industry innovator of intelligent software solutions for ZigBee(tm) technology, today announced the availability of a new product - ZNMS Lite (Zigbee Network Management System). ZNMS Lite software is a network management system used to manage ZigBee wireless devices and networks and is a value-added platform that manages the nodes and network, in addition to providing the software stacks and applications for ZigBee devices and networks. ZNMS Lite is used for commissioning wireless devices and networks, configuring & deploying the network and devices, operation & control of the devices and network, and for monitoring the health of the network.

This breakthrough approach is critical for low-cost ZigBee roll-outs in commercial and home automation markets. "A demand for an entry-level ZigBee Network Management product has emerged and will grow as we engage more module partners. A large licensing fee is a significant barrier to entry for small initial deployments, thus the need for the ZNMS Lite product offering," said Srini Krishnamurthy, Vice President for Business Development at Airbee.

Airbee has already demonstrated its ZigBee-ready protocol stack - ZNS, by operating it on various 802.15.4 radios and multiple microcontrollers from several product manufacturers. Airbee's ZNMS Lite product is powered by its ZNS ZigBee-ready protocol stack integrated with embedded ZAgents. These ZAgents, which are embedded at all levels within the ZigBee-ready protocol stack, allow the ZNMS network product access to system information not otherwise readily available such as battery level, RSSI, statistics data etc.

ZNMS Lite is Windows Desktop based and is connected to the PAN coordinator using a serial cable. The product will support up to 100 ZigBee devices and can be upgraded to the full Airbee-ZNMS product, which will support up to 64,000 devices.