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Amazon Returns


Just plugging the company you work for.  I personally like being able to talk and see someone for this kind of stuff versus doing it virtually.  That is me.
IE: when living in Rodgers Park in the early 70's I had a friend with an audio shop and he would give me a new audio system (speakers, turntable, recievers)  just about every month and I would sell it there....well and purchased much from Musicraft back then.


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I lived in Rogers Park in the mid-70s and early 80s :)  I ran a small auto parts store on Western Ave from 1975 to 1980.


Ahh... lived on Sheridan Road in the early 1970's  right at the bend left by Mundelein / Loyola. 
Next door neighbor there worked for Triangle Productions and would give me press passes to concerts...like to the Aragon Ballroom....great way to see concerts at the time...


BTW here today returned two items and was charged $14 for return shipping.
I called the above Customer service number.
Rather than waiting for a credit from the vendor  or using the A-Z stuff Amazon issued a credit going to my GC balance of $14 while we spoke and sent me an email to verify credit.