Announcing CT*AMEE


Staff member is proud to announce its first hardware project: CT*AMEE.

.: about :.
For several years, we have been studying what Cocooners would like to see in the 'perfect' home automation controller. While there never will be a 'perfect' home automation controller, is attempting to release a device which will be one of the most flexible controllers on the market. While the specifications aren't final yet, there is a working prototype.

This is where we need your help. We have a working unit, but we need to know how large the demand would be for such a device, as we need to finalize our contract/design with the manufacture. We will also need a few beta testers to work out any remaining bugs, but it would require some serious dedication. Application details will be posted once we have more units in our hands.

We truly believe this is a product which many Cocooners have been looking for, but if there are other major features which you would like to see that aren't on the list below, please don't hesitate to post them. Keep in mind that this is not a security panel, just a home automation controller (i.e., will not undergo a UL type certification).

.: features :.
  • hardware
    • Intel Xscale processor (667 Mhz)
    • 2 USB ports (supporting mass storage, serial port hubs, etc.)
    • 2 serial ports (DCE)
    • 10/100 ethernet interface
    • 16 onboard inputs (digital or analog, 10 bit)
    • 8 onboard digital outputs
    • V.92 modem, with CID support
    • 1-wire interface
    • Bluetooth 2.1 interface (great for RFID!)
    • ZigBee IEEE 802.15.4-2003 interface
    • RS485 interface (supporting AlphaNet, ADInet, Elk, and more coming soon)
    • 1 IR zone (RX,TX) using stereo jacks (zones can be expanded using SECU16)
    • Unit can be clustered for high availability, or to monitor remote locations (IPSEC)
    • Fits in a standard 14" structured wiring can
    • 12 VDC (with battery terminals)
  • software
    • Linux based firmware
    • Cepstral TTS engine
    • CT*flex scripting/rule engine
    • Web based interface (with AJAX and SSL support)
    • Native ZigBee, Insteon, UPB, Z-wave, Insteon support, X10 (using serial/USB interfaces, except for ZigBee)
  • major features
    • 2 modes: 'home' and 'advanced'. You can either use the rule wizard to generate very powerful rules quickly without having to know or learn a new language, or you can use the advanced CT*flex scripting engine. CT*flex supports serial and IP based communications, advanced math and ASCII string processing and much more.
    • No client software is required
    • Because the firmware is Linux based (2.6 kernel), you can create your own drivers, or modify the existing ones.

.: the name :.
AMEE is the 'robot' in the Red Planet movie, with a rather interesting AI. Another intriguing fact is that the computer voice used in this movie (Lucille) was actually done by the AT&T speech engine which many of us use, so we thought it would be fitting to use this name.

.: availability and pricing :.
We are planning on selling this unit for around $350-$450. Final price will depend on how many units will be preordered since our manufacture will adjust the pricing for every 50 units ordered. Our goal is to offer the first beta units within the next 3 months, assuming there are no major issues. Once CT*AMEE has been released, we plan on selling it exclusively through, since they are an official partner in this project.


More photos of the hardware will be posted in the next few days.
Very impressive set of features. Nothing that I need was not on the list. My favorites:

ZigBee / IEEE 802.15.4
12 volts

I wish I could beta, but I'm too busy right now. But, since it is Linux based, I would like to make a request for SQL and xAP or xPL software.
It actually supports both xAP and xPL, I just didn't include it since there are too many smaller features to include on that list.
I am in the process of pre-wiring a 150 floor building with $1 million plus condos on the top 50 floors.

I ran your specs past the project investors and they want to spec your panel for all the units. There are 10 units per floor and I am doing 10 floors per week, so I'll need 100 units per week for the next 5 weeks.

Is that doable??
There was some weird character in this post that locked up the search engine, so I had to disable this post until I figure it out. Hope you don't mind.

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Congratulations for the project!

(thanks for adding xAP and xPL)

Does CT*AMEE communicate with ADI devices directly through RS485, without the need of an Ocelot?... I'm really impressed.
Yep it does not require an Ocelot. We have it running right now with a regular SECU16 module. I am hoping one of the beta testers has more ADI equipment so we can test that as well.

I guess you guys have figured out now why CT2 has been delayed this much, but I hope you can agree it was worth it.
I think that price point is a little high for right now. I'll wait a year and see what you come up with :lol:
The plan is to have all Z-wave devices supported (assuming the USB interface supports it all). It's something that will have to be tested.

I am Corporate Counsel for General Electric Consumer & Industrial. By way of this post, I hereby serve notice on, Officers and Administrators of, all subsidiaries and affiliates of, as well as Automated Outlet Inc., to immediately cease and desist all advertising, development, testing and marketing of the CT*AMEE product.

The description of the CT*AMEE product, as appearing in a post dated 1-April-2007 by Electron on the website, clearly demonstrates an attempt by to infringe upon the intellectual property of General Electric. The product description, functionality, pricing and marketing plan for the CT*AMEE product, are all substantially identical to the GE*AMEE product to be launched by General Electric Consumer & Industrial in the Spring of 2007.

General Electric Consumer & Industrial intends to file formal complaint as well as a request for Cease and Desist, dated 1-April-2007, at the United States District Court, Bridgeport, Connecticut.

We're gonna crush you like a bug!

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Harold G. HasenPfeffer, Jr.
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General Electric Consumer & Industrial
Should have figured it out sooner but I almost forgot that today is April Fools Day. No doubt an elaborate prank by the Cocoontech Staff. :lol:
yea I just realized this was bad timing, but it isn't a joke. Martin (who is a major partner) is in China right now visiting several manufacturing plants. His experience there is what will decide how soon the beta units will be released, so keep your fingers crossed!