Any experience with these?

Motion Detectors have just about turned into commodity devices. Most of them are good. Bad ones just don't last long in the market. You will find an occassional bad one out of a hundred units, but everyone has that problem.

Aleph has been around a long time and has a good name in the market.
I have recently installed these:

Wired: Visonic K-980D Pet Immune Infrared/Microwave Motion Detector 40' X 40' Coverage, about $45.

And wireless CADNX481 Pet immunity up to 40 pounds, about $80.

I am impressed with the immunity of the Visonic set on 2 counts. The microwave is very sensitve if you desire very fast detection (set on single count) but I use it just as a check of the PIR (set 2 count) vs. the PIR checking itself like most do (w/o the microwave feature). The microwave needs actual movement so a heater kicking on, etc. would not trip a false alarm (not saying this is a problem now-a-days).

These new pet immune ones sure are less sensitive so there is a trade off there. Also the dog/pet wt. is cumulative if you have more than 1 pet (add them up). I did not know this even after I did my research! It is in the installation instructions however!
I have several Aleph PIRs (not the one you list) and have been very happy with them. No issues... seem very reliable.