Any News on ADI Firecat?


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Has anybody heard anything further on the ADI Firecat? (replacement for the Ocelot). Pictures or a release date would be nice!
I'm not aware of any tentative release dates. From what I've heard, the hardware platform itself is done and they're working on the executive.
Joe, no idea on price.

The "feature changes" are basically that its a new 32 bit cpu platform. The Ocelot and Leopard are based on the 8 bit Z-80 and it has reached the end of its life cycle. The product will have IP connectivity and a high speed bus for some new expansion module types. In the case of the Leopard, the new version would have a common cpu module with a Ocelot-like controller and seperate Touchscreen module(s). Look at this thread on the ADI forum (in the last dozen posts) for what ADI has said so far: