Anyone have specifics on the Z-Wave CA5000?


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Hi again all,

While I was waiting for a multi-button in wall scene controller from VIZIA-RF, I came across a device called a Intermatic CA5000 multi-button in wall controller.

Anybody have any info on this device?

As usual, any documentation that I could locate was poor to miserable. I did go ahead and order one, as it appeared to be in stock. In lieu of anything else, I will go ahead and create some useful documentation on this device after it arrives.

The VIZIA-RF 4-button controller has an expected ship date of March 07 (from I will hook that up too and try to generate some useful docs on it.

Neither one of these devices will control a load directly. Other than that, as near as I can tell, the specifications are some type of (China) national secret.

I absolutely love Z-Wave. The lack of documentation on some devices prevents me from recommending this to anyone, at least until I hook one up and try it myself.

On one email that I received the other day, I actually had to suggest INSTEON as a solution. I try to form my conclusions based on some type of fact.

Hi Ken,

The CA5000 is designed for use with the InTouch system, and they're not available quite yet. I would contact Intermatic for more information on this new designer line.

As for the Vizia RF 4-button controllers, they must be out of stock already...

I don't believe that either of the devices control a load directly.

KenM said:
Other than that, as near as I can tell, the specifications are some type of (China) national secret.
It has seemed that way hasn't it.

The good news is Leviton is finally getting some documentation on their website about most of their products:

For most products there is an installation manual and a Spec sheet. The bad news for me is that the main controller is not one of them.

I was surprised that the non-load controllers are cheaper than the dimmers. A virtual 3-way with ViziaRF can be done for $115($68+47) vs. $80 (2 x $40) for Insteon. Getting Leviton over Insteon for that difference seems like a deal.

I do wish they made a 4-button scene controller that can controll a load. But in the two locations I have that need this capability, I have easy attic access and can add a dimmer to be controlled.

One thing I have not been able to find it any mention of getting the buttons on the controllers engraved. I have seen pictures of them engraved in a recent issue of EH, so someone somewhere knows about it.

I will be placing a large pre-order with Martin soon. I just need to figure out what I need and make a list. Insteon was much easier in that respect.
Hi all,

I am not 'too' sure (yet) but it appears the VIZA-RF four button controller only supports scene control on devices like the VIZA-RF line and some Monster Cable Z-Wave devices.

I am not going to be buying any Monster products in the near future, but I did place an order for a few VIZA-RF dimmers/switches/plug-in modules. I will keep you all informed as to how that works out.

I received an email from '' yesterday stating that my CA5000 has shipped. I am not even too sure what the heck that will be able to control, but <_< , I will figure that out and let everyone know.

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Z-Wave, compatibility chart anyone? :D
The new 4 button controllers are in and you are right in that they will only work "directly" with Leviton and Monster devices only.

NOTE: These controllers will only "directly" control devices that support the Z-Wave scene class. Right now, that is Leviton and Monster devices only. These controllers will not control Intermatic nor ACT/HomePro products. However, the controllers can trigger events in HomeSeer and HomeSeer can then issue the proper commands to any Z-Wave device.
I posted some details on how these controllers work over at this link. I won't repeat the information here. Take a look.

I will mention that the next update of HS will have really nice support for the scene controllers. You will be able to configure them totally from within HS, no need to run around the house and guess at light levels, pressing buttons, etc. Also, if you reset all the devices, you can easily re-program them all as HS keeps a copy of all the settings.

The scene controllers from Leviton are shipping now. I am surprised about the CA5000, we are still awaiting beta units. It will be interesting to see what you get! The InTouch stuff is still a couple months off from shipping.

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I might be mistaken about the CA5000 shipping. The email I received said it had shipped UPS but did not provide a tracking number. They may have just placed it on back order. <_<


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This was actually a pre-order. I received a notice of 2 to 3 week shipping delay. Oh well, they fooled me with that one.