Anyone interested in discussing building DIY Home Automation software and hardware?

So they open up the API on bluetooth. How does somebody send out BT commands? I have a BT access point from years back but nobody ever supported it so it became useless.
Zwave or WiFi would be a much better protocol that people could connect to.
That price was gone some time back. They now sell for 59 Euros plus 16 euros shipping to N.Am. Taxes and duties are your problem.
This comes out to about $110 Canuck buck , and $85 USD, if customs ignores it, and UPS doesn't charge outrageous "in trust" fees to collect taxes. (probably more like  about $200 for one, by the time it is done). Keep the order value down to encourage tax skipping.
Still much cheaper than some devices but I can't line them up my blind cords without wearing the cords off on the retention teeth. I guess they would have to be removed to let the blind down again.
Sorry I haven't been posting lately, been busy with my day job.
A while back I offered to setup an online demo of my HA software that I have been posting about in this thread. Seeming as it had received a bit of interest and I'm now on holidays I'm prepared to setup a cloud demo instance of the software for folks to have a look at and play with, as a precursor to properly open-sourcing the solution. It has been available for a while at Github and several folks have downloaded & set it up on their own systems but that needs some work to install / configure. I was thinking of setting up a cloud VM for the .NET and Node.js server software so that you just click on a browser link and it has preconfigured screens + allows you to design and edit your own screens from the browser.
What is it?
A fully featured browser based Home Automation system using a .NET and Node.JS back end.
- Easy to design powerful pages with a WYSIWYG design feature that uses a widget based drag / drop on the browser client
- Client widgets are intelligent facilitating the setting up of sophisticated browser pages with all the power of HTML5 (eg. animation, mouse interaction etc.)
- Rules based event triggers
- Real time data transformation for associations, aggregations and manipulation of sensor data
- + more.
Read this thread or the blog post on hackaday for more information. I've been working on improving the quality of the code especially on the client (eg. Chrome browsers now work properly) but it is still considered 'beta' quality and it does have bugs and some missing features. I have started a multi-platform version for the Server using the new .NET Core technologies and including better security (which is pretty basic in the current version).
So let me know if there is sufficient interest and I'll spend some time over the next week setting it up as a Cloud server.


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