Anyone with experience with those wireless cams?


D-Link and now LinkSys sell 802.11b wireless cams, does anyone here have any experience with them? How good is the quality on them?

Also, do they work in low light situations at all?

I have alot of kids(4 to be exact, with 1 on the way), it'd be nice to put a nice wireless camera in their room so we can monitor them easily when they are taking naps and such.
I don't see anything wrong :lol:

Anyways, I spent 10 minutes researching these cams, Only Dlink would give me enough info, their cams are all rated at 2.5LUX (the lower the better they will work in darkness, lux is a measuring unit (metric), lumens per meter squared
), which is as bad as the cheap color x10 cams I have. While they do have nice features, they require a well lit room, and outside they will only work well when it's daylight (and bright). Linksys wouldn't even mention their LUX rating, but judging by the reviews I have found, they seem to have the same problems and LUX rating, and all these cams have CMOS chips too.

If you tell me what you are trying to do, we can suggest a better camera.
I'd just like some cameras in the kids play areas, and nursery for when they are taking naps. So we can easily monitor them.
If you don't mind the high LUX rating, the Dlink looks pretty good (or if you want to go cheaper, has a nice camera that does have some night vision, for 30 bucks). I didn't see too many positive reviews about the Linksys cam tho.
Joshua- Give me a high expectation of what you want to do with cams. I say HIGH because usually you get what you ask for them decide that you really wanted more after the fact.

Do you want to stream the video over the internet so you can view from work?
Do you want to push the vid to a modulated channel on your TV?
Do you want to do both?
Are you REALLY concerned about viewing in near darkness?
Do you currently have a video capture card?

I really feel we can hook you up with what you want and at a reasonable cost. Just let us know what it is you want to do!
I set up one of those $30 usb webcams back in our apartment. Drilled a hole in the wall and fed the wire into my computer room. As long as you have a nightlight strategically placed, quality is acceptable.