Omnipro II with Driveway Sensor 63A00-1 and 64 Zone Receiver 45A00-1


Ok, I have a Omnipro II with a 64 Zone Receiver and Driveway Sensor.  I remember reading somewhere that Leviton was discontinuing these products.  Sure enough, I go to look for a replacement Driveway Sensor (since the delivery truck driver went way off the driveway and took it out!) and can't find them except on EBay.
I searched through a couple of threads and forums, and found some similar products, but wasn't sure if anyone has installed any wireless driveway or exterior sensors; since they discontinued them.  I really don't want to run a wire!  
I'm looking at the STI-34159 Wireless Driveway as they look very similar to the Levitons.  It looks like they can be connected to a 
STI Wireless Page:
Product Literature Link:
Anyone have any experience or suggestions?  I'm thinking my 4-button wireless remotes may be impacted if the wireless receiver ever goes out.  Should I be looking at another receiver or add a secondary GE Logix?
Most of the wireless (non HAI) security alarm panel devices should work fine with with your HAI 45A001-1
That said you can also purchase wireless sensors with a receiver that ends in an NO/NC switch to which you would run a wire to.
Understood about outdoor wired sensors.  
Personally here use Cartell driveway sensors wired to the alarm panel over 20 years old now.  Never did fail.  
That's good to know about the Cartel sensors. I ran across their website, but didn't look too much since the were wired. Maybe I just need to run a wire and install an expansion panel in the garage. Currently, my panel is upstairs and to run it to the driveway would be about 500-600 ft. Just trying to avoid that amd possibly lightning hits! But I'm glad to hear you have had your panel working like that for 20 years.
On the Homeseer site / Omni Plugin section / author Rob Mason used wireless driveway sensors to analog sensors on his OmniPro 2 panel.
He built his home on the family farm.  The Omni wireless sensor is a sensor manufactered and sold by another company which is still selling them.
Personally extended my low voltage cabling underground less than 300 feet per run.  One lightning issue occurred with a surge from lightning taking out one AC outdoor AC compressor melting the compressor next to the house / brick.  Inside the surge tripped breakers and burned out a few in wall automated switches.  House insurance did pay for all of the damage.  I was able to get a new outdoor compressor in less than a week.  
A few folks here on the forum are using runs of fiber these days for long runs from their home out.  
Plus fiber eliminates the inherent risk of lightning damage between devices and buildings or building to building...even on short runs...  :)