April fool jokes


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Okay, BSR and E had some fun and games on Aprils Fools day, so we know how they celebrated. What did the rest of the CT community do?

I was on duty Saturday and as it was a busy day, I didn't have as much time to get into trouble as I would have liked. My only contribution this time around was whenever we went to the hospital, I would to go to the ambulances parked at the emergency room entrance and adjust the drivers seats all the way forward. One of my crew tried to get me with the rubber band on the kitchen nozzle trick, but I caught on and adjusted the aim before I turned the faucet on.

My best contribution was a few years ago. Very simple with little effort involved, but lots of results. The office I worked in had all the elevators facing each other in the center of the building, surrounded by the cubicle farm. The elevator hallway was "I" shaped, with the elevators facing each other along the long access of the "I", and the exits to the cubicles on the four ends of the short cross pieces. The bathrooms were located diagonally across from each other at the end of the elevator banks. At one end of the "I" was a couch.

For April Fools day, a buddy and I picked up the couch, and carried it to the other end of the "I". People would get off the elevators, orient themselves on the couch, only to find themselves on the oppisite end of the floor when they entered the work area. Many, many puzzled looks when this happened to people. A few people actually got back on a elevator, thinking they had gotten off on the wrong floor. Best was the people who oriented themselves on the couch, and then proceeded to enter what they though was the correct bathroom. A couple men got really confused when they walked into the "mens" bathroom and found a tampon dispenser. Ditto for the ladies when they found urinals. And when the bathroom aready had occupants........ :rolleyes: :p
Last year I figured out how to send a custom message to the LCD display on the office HP laser printer. So I sent the message OUT OF WATER to the display and unplugged the network cable.

Eventually there was a crowd of people around it, saying "Where do you put water in this thing?"
I like to use the Auto-Correct feature in MS Word to mispell the name of people's boss, common acronyms, etc. They seldom notice the automatic corrections (or automatic mispellings ;-) and send out emails all over the place. It takes me about 15 seconds on someone's computer to set up a lot of chaos =)

Nothing a boss likes better than to see his best people can not even spell his name correctly.

The trouble you can create with word replacement is endless, but be careful. Not a lot of people find their PC's being tampered with as funny.

in a similar vain . . . we had keyboards where you could pop off the keycaps and change the letters around . . . won't work on the secretary (or anyone who touch types) but all the hunt and peck typers are dumbfounded . . . :rolleyes:

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