[Articles] Schlage announces RP200 Z-Wave light module

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Schlage has announced the RP200 Z-Wave compatible light module.  The unit will retail for $49.99, is LiNK compatible, and is now available on Lowes.com.  The RP200 light module supports incandescent lamps only.  Here is the relevant part from their press release:

[color=" #808080"]How often have you come home later than planned to a dark house? The Schlage RP200R Light Module ($49.99) lets you remotely control a Z-Wave-enabled table or floor incandescent lamp from any Internet-connected computer and most Internet-enabled mobile phones. The plug-and-play module includes functionality that makes dimming and on/off controls available on your PC and cell phone, or you can dim a lamp by simply tapping the button on the module itself. You can also program the Schlage LiNK System to turn Z-Wave-enabled lights on whenever specific access codes are entered into a Schlage wireless lock or deadbolt and set on/off timers to conserve energy while you're away. Set up is easy. Just plug the small rectangular Light Module into an AC wall outlet and plug the light you want to control into the wireless control outlet on one end of the module; the other end has a standard AC outlet.[/color]

Features and Benefits:

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