Attaching Caddx NX8E to Stargate SG-IP


Hi all,

I have recently purchased and programmed a Caddx NX8E security system and plan to attach it to my Stargate SG-IP.

If anyone on this forum has had experience attaching the NX8E to their Stargate, could you please offer any advice?

I am a Senior Systems Engineer with 30 years of experience and have researched connecting the NX8E to the Stargate, but would appreciate some first hand experience.

Regards, TCIII

Mark S.

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It's been a few years since I connected Caddx to my SG-1, but I don't remember having any issues at all. I simply followed the Application Note on the JDS website - it worked like a charm.

If you were able to program your Caddx, the connection to Stargate should be a snap. I'm not sure if there are any relevant changes to the way they communicate since the debut of SG-IP.

If you run into specific problems/questions let us know.