Automatic Urinal.... ????? Where did it go?


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Ok, I have to ask, ,as no one elase has. There was a topic here a couple days ago titled "Automatic Urinal". Where did the post go? I know it has been removed, as I responded to it, and when I do a search for my most recent posts, it is not to be found.

I know that certain things are concidered as "off topic" but I thought that was what the wiring closet was for. To quote the topic description "Nothing is labeled! Talk, discuss anything that doesn't fit in any of the other categories, including anything off topic" It was a humerous thread, to say the least. To completely delete the thread, was in my opinion, a bad decision on the part of the person that made that decission.

I love this board, and would hate to see it become censored to remove certain things that are, in one persons mind, an "offensive, or off topic discussion".

Topics have arisen from mouse traps,, penguin blood bashes, X10 -vs- other manufactures, disliking certain hardware and the providing companies practices, finding faults, as well as positive notes on other companies and software, and this list goes on and on. Thats what makes this forum so special in my opinion. At least this was my thinking, was the open minded discussions, and ability to express one's self, weather it be in a humerous way, or totally serious.

I do understand that some posts can offend other people, but that is just it. People, by nature, will never agree 100% on a topic. (Coke -vs-Pepsi......Chevy -VS- Ford) If we all agreed, then the world would certainly be a very boring place, and we would all be using Apple Macintoshes!

Ok, enough ranting, but it is just something that I had to get off my chest. I love the Cocoon forum, and the community that Electron was able to bring together here, and I will continue to be a part of this community as long as others will tolerate my opinion, weather you agree with it or not. Thats just life.........

I realize I have probably opened a can of worms here, but I know may of you saw that post, and now it is no longer here, and we do have to ask why.........

That said, the floor is open to flames ;)

That was my thread and it got removed because it got way off topic really fast and contained content the some may find offending. Electron notified me as soon as he pulled it. If you are looking for the picture send me a pm and i can send it to you.
BTW i dont think the thread has been deleted i think it was simple quarintined to a admin only section.
Ok guys, listen up.

We are NOT into censoring of posts, but when it comes to certain subjects that are classified as "adult themed" we have no choice but to remove the post from the general public's view.

Please be aware that underage persons visit our site as well. Our THEME (in case anyone missed it) is "Home Automation, Home Security, and Home Theater". How would you like it if you were a parent, and your child was searching for some cool way to automate a light, or searching on home theater, saw a link to CocoonTech, clicked on it, then saw a post such as that one! (Google crawls our site daily and the post would have been linked to CocoonTech in a very short time).

We are not an "adult oriented" site, we are not classified as adult oriented, and we ask our membership to keep this in mind when posting "non-themed" subjects in the wiring closet forum (did you see some of the "words" used in that post? Plus it contained a link to an adult oriented site.)

There are PLENTY of sites available on the web that offer subjects such as the one mentioned if you desire to see those type of posts.

Also keep in mind we are not looking for "approval" of our actions as electron and I have already deemed them appropriate. We knew this decision might not be popular, but it is one we are going to stick with and one that we are united on.

Kindest Regards,

Again. I didn't see, so can't comment on it's content.

But if threads lead to adult related content, I agree with censoring it.

Just my 2 cents worth.
One more thing to keep in mind:

Many many people and companies are looking at our site as it has become very popular. Electron and I try very hard to get the latest news and happenings related to our theme as well as schedule subjects of interest in our Friday Night Chat sessions with professionals in those fields.

As you probably noticed lately we have had experts generously spend time chatting with our membership these past few Friday nights.

Also, companies have looked to CocoonTech for opinions and feedback on their products and have also agreed to donate items for give away contests (which are very popular with our membership ;) ).

I mention this because if our general theme and professionalism becomes tarnished, all of this will GO AWAY as companies will not risk sponsoring or becoming affiliated with our site, which would be a tremendous disservice to our membership.

We do respect everyone’s opinions and views, but we have to watch out for the general interest of our members. :D

hey guys,

BSR is right on the money. The pic was on the borderline, but we let it slip through since we knew you guys were just joking around, but there were a few follow up posts which turned the thread into a rated R thread. We have very young members, and we have many parents here, so we are sure most of you can understand this.

Also, is becoming a major player in this field, just the fact that Google uses us as a news source is proof of that. Google indexes these threads really fast, and the last thing we want is other sites to use this thread against us. We also have many manufactures and vendors on board now, so we do have to try to keep things a little professional.

Since we didn't want to edit someone elses post (and censor it), since it would change the intent/context etc, we decided to MOVE the thread out of view for now. So the thread hasn't been modified, we just need to figure out how to deal with this.

This is the first time we ran into this kind of issue, so you know we are very accepting when it comes to offtopic material.

Hopefully this will clear a few things up, and if you still have questions, please do not hesitate to pm one of us, or post it here. Eventho we don't 'have to' explain anything, this community is for your guys, so your input is very important, and we will try our best to accomedate everyone here.
After re-reading my replies, I hope it was not taken as "to harsh". I have a five year old AND 16 year old sons and sometimes I think those "parent instincts" kick in a little strong! :D

I have often referred CocoonTech articles to my 16 year old and even had my five year old chatting with electron on CocoonTech chat (supervised of course, you never know what crazy influence that electron will have ;) )!
BSR, Understood, and I do hope I did not come across to harsh, after re-reading my post. If it did come across that way, I do appolagize.

I did not see all of the follow-up's that were posted on that topic, and was not aware that it got "out of hand". I did find the photo humerous, and saw no harm in that at all, but was again unaware how the topic morphed. With that in mind, it makes sence that you removed the thread.
Actually, that's one thing I've noticed about home automation sites and forums in general: there is a very professional attitude on these sites and talk very rarely (if ever) degenerates into the same old jokes and innuendo that so often permeates other types of boards. I've come to really appreciate that fact. I haven't seen the thread mentioned here but its nice to see that others also appreciate the clean content for what it is. ;)