Automation Control of Multiple Centralite Systems

i think that there is a way to control the 48 lights with only one omni. it is not so elegant but i think it will work.
the omni has 3 serial ports, so we connect one port to the first MCP and the second port to the second MCP, now, the first port will be defined as a centralite port while the second port will be a pro link port.
the first MCP will function regularly with the numbers of units in respect to the litejet units, that way unit 1 of the omni will be as unit 1 of the first MCP and so on till unit 24. For the second MCP we should define under Names-> Message the ASCII protocol commands by centralite (for example: unit 25 will be called as ^A001 - on or ^B001 -off) and for controlling those units we should write in the program section all the macros such as : When Unit 25 on send ^A001 through serial port 2. and so on. again it is not so elegant but i think it should work.