Bad Voice in M1G?


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Hi all,

I have alerts set up in my Elk M1G for such things as "warning: Front Door Open" if the front door left open for 5 minutes.

However, on my back door, when opened the Elk speaks "Warning: Bad Door Open" even though I have double-checked that I told it to use the word "Back".

Can anyone else confirm this mixup in the voice of the M1G?

I just checked..... I have a "Bad" back door also. Just a bug in the firmware probably. It happens. I am sure they will fix it in the next release if they see this.
Thanks for checking this out. I thought I was hearing things and I have visitors asking me why that particular door is "bad".

It's not the prettiest door by a long shot, probably 18 years old and yellowing a bit. The weather stripping needs to be replaced and it sticks sometimes, but I wouldn't consider it a truly "bad" door, just probably a little misunderstood.

Maybe the new Elk system, being guardian of the house, looked at that door and started passing judgment to try and get me to replace it (you know, the I'm Daddy's Favorite" syndrome). I can't tell you what the door thinks of the Elk M1G since it doesn't talk much, but I'm sure the feeling is mutual.

I'm worried that if the door keeps hearing that its "bad" might develop a psychosis, go insane and start slamming fingers, cats and feet between it and the door jamb. This of course, would deprive me, family and visitors of the use of the back yard. I could also see my homeowners insurance cost rising because of visitors getting slammed in the door. This could lead to lawsuits, hospital visits and degradation of the resale value of the house since I would have to disclose that I have a homicidal door and how it got that way.

If this happened to enough people who own the M1 and monitor their back door, it could result in a class action suit from all of the homeowners who have had family and friends beaten down by a "bad" door, with all that that entails :lol:

Let's hope that Elk fixes this word soon before thousands and perhaps millions of people are injured or killed by errant bad... errr Back doors. :)

This as been a public service announcement from:
Concerned Homeowners Who Own An Elk System With Homicidal Back Doors (CHWOAESWHBD). :p
Mine says...." Bad Door Open" instead of Back Door Open". Technically a true statement. Then again it should blame my son for leaving it open most of the time and not the door.

Out of 500 + words theres one "bad" one. Of all of the glitches that could happen this one isnt so "bad".

My 5 year old thought it was funny when I tested it the other day. By the way she has her own name for the M1 that I bet ELK would like. She calls it the "Magic 1" since it turns on and off the lights and speaks etc.
I checked out the "BAD" word in the speech and yes it seems to say "BAD" instead of "BACK". It appears the "CK" has been cut off as it says "BACK". I will look into a solution. The speech words are not field upgradable at this time.
For saying the word "BACK", add "200 ms delay" between "BACK" and the next word. It is not perfect, but it helps. "200 ms delay" is towards the bottom of the word list.

You might consider the word "REAR" instead of "BACK".

Thanks for the input. :lol:
Maybe its saying "Ba Door Open"?

I never noticed until Houstan Firefox caught it. No big deal to me.

How do we make it say "Ba Da Bing" :lol:
Thanks for the fix Spanky.

Strangly, everyone noticed when I put in the 200ms delay (which sounds more "correct") but they wanted me to change it back since they thought it was funny... Go figure!