Basic Stargate System

upstatemike said:
Mike said:
Wow. Telco is right. That isn't all telephone connections is it?
Blue blocks (top) are field wiring. White blocks (bottom) are equipment wiring.
Right half is telephone and left half is automation so telephone switch is on the 4 white blocks to the right while stargate/caddx/RS-485/etc. are on the 4 white blocks on the left.

I use standard telco cross-coonect to patch equipment on the lower blocks to field wire terminated on the upper blocks. Very easy to reconfigure. Have swapped the phone system many times and migrated to Stargate from HomeBrain without disturbing the termination of the core house wiring.
Makes perfect sense now. I had not seen it done that way except for telephone situations (.

I did something similar (albeit on a much smaller scale and focusing specifically on telephone/data connections) and terminated to RJ45 for most items, and then patch to different services. Still figuring out how best to handle the security side.

Nice approach, and very impressive setup.
OMG... Compared to your house, I feel like mine could be automated with 1 Hawkeye and 2 light switches.

Your house would probably blow up my HA app. I have only put 40 devices in it to date. You are probably closer to 400 devices if I had to guess.

Anyway, beautiful house. So how many Roomba vacuums does it take to keep all those floors clean?