Bedside Insteon KPL in a box


While I'm waiting for (reliable) insteon devices such as RF remotes, motion sensors and all the remote stuff that been around for 20 years for X-10 but is not forthcoming for insteon, I thought what I really could use now is a small insteon Controlinc to sit on my nightstand beside my bed. Sure, it would be great if I could do that with an insteon enabled remote, but I'd even take a small controlinc without the hinged lid and without the bottom all off/all on and dim/bright buttons. I could turn off lights, run macros etc - and it would be within easy reach at night and would fit unobtrusively on the night table.

Since, surprisely, Smarthome doesn't seem up to the task I'm wondering whether a KPL in a box would do the same thing. I could just wire up a box with a KPL, but I'm not so sure I could do it without electrocuting myself eventually. Any of the electrical engineers out there have any ideas how I might do this safely? Any one out there besides me interested in an insteon device like this? Maybe would could get something together and make some?
That certainly is in the line of what I was thinking. I'll drop them an email and see if it would work with a KPL.

I've done this myself, but with grounded metal boxes - actually designed for outdoor use but they work just fine. I have one on each side of the bed and a switchlincV2-dimmer in each to use in place of the lamplinc modules. I cut a short power cord in half, drilled some holes, put in some locking cord holders to stop the cords getting pulled out and voila! It is very well grounded. I have large velcro pads to hold them in place.
nadler1ny said:
That certainly is in the line of what I was thinking. I'll drop them an email and see if it would work with a KPL.

It works--I'm looking at one right now on my desk. I just used a grounded cord instead of the included ungrounded, polarized one in the box.
ewwww.... that's just all I can think. ;)

I know it's a bit more hassle, but the WGL800RF unit has been a great addition for us as it brought the old X10 RF stuff back into very reliable play. I've got it hooked up to the Elk now but also tested it hooked up to the PC with ML. I think there's an HS option as well. Maybe even Girder?

Nice thing is there's so many old inexpensive X10 RF handheld units. I had a bunch in a box in the garage. Suddenly, they're all useful again - now controlling Insteon more reliably than they ever were for X10 for me.