Best coupler/repeater??


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I know eveyone has their favorite, but, what is the BEST coupler/repeater out there? I am now using a Levitron model, but as things grow I am seeing more and more signal failures.
Thanks ahead...
ACT and I have tried "them all". No comparision for my particular installation. Including Leviton. Your mileage may vary.
Martin at had a great price on it.
I recently took my Leviton out as well, replaced it with the X10 Pro coupler, which seems to work much better. But if you can afford it, I would vote for the ACT as well.
Act A-10 here myself also! Mounting is kind of screwed up though as it doesn't "exactly" fit on a two gang box.


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The ACT one seems to be the one that most people say is the best. I would probably agree with them. Don't rule out the X10 Pro XPCR though. It's a very good unit that can handle either 2 or 3 phases. With these being on sale now at a large discount from the ACT model, that's the one I would probably consider.

The ACT one is also better in the rare case that your house that needs multple couple/repeaters. The ACT unit has a lot of setting for helping them work together more smoothly.
Thanks all... got an ACT coming. From what I was able to find out , this does seem to be the most preferred.