Best software for XP?


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I am new to the 1wire world. I have the wind module, and the HVAC monitor. I am planning on added multiple 8+ temp sensors with a healthy sprinkling of the humid, temp, solar, moisture, and any other sensors I can find a use for. Can anyone tell me what the best software (preferably free or less that 100bucks) to use for them? Pros/Cons would be great!

I would suggest doing a search on the HomeSeer bulletin board for one-wire. There are several solutions for one wire ranging from free to paid. I believe there are even solutions that can be used stand alone without HomeSeer of course an automation front end increases the usability of the one-wire data. I use the one wire humidity sensors in all of my bathrooms to control when my exhaust fan turn on and off as an example. The HS BB is at