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Booting up a server


New Member
Hi all, ive been given a dell poweredge 2400 server(no OS installed).Should i get a bios screen or something when i boot it.All the correct leds are lighting but my monitor is completley blank and no beebing from the server.any help would be appreciated thanks ,


Staff member
Do you hear the hard drive spin up, and can you hear the system boot up, or do the LED's just come on, and nothing else happens?

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I would open the case and make sure all cards and cables are seated properly. The have a tendancy to shift when transported.


I would disconnect anything that was non-critical during a bootup. This includes floppy's, CD-Roms, ethernet cards, etc... Basically just leave RAM and a video card intact.

Then I would see if there is a setting/jumper to return the bios to its defaults. Usually you move a jumper over a pin, wait a couple of seconds, then replace the jumper to its original location.

Then I would power the PC on and see if it posts.