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bought house with omni iie, now what?


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snevetssirk said:
Thank you for replying. You said above, I believe, that I need an installer password to enter programing on that device. If I misunderstood I will buy one immediately. If I need an installer password then buying one doesn't seem like it will help.
Try the 1111 for installer code.  If that doesn't work, ask your realtor to ask their realtor for the code.  Your shouldn't have to send your panel back to the factory for that. Its like getting the keys to your house. It is probably written somewhere, the trick is to find it. 


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Bought the house 10 years ago, never received the code to access the (new at the time) OmniLT system from the previous owner/builder.  I'd like to buy a copy of PC Access but am stumped as to where to purchase a copy.  Also, since I don't have any of the codes (installer, master, user ...?) can I reset those IF I can gain access via the software.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
Ken Gibbs


Welcome to the Cocoontech forum Ken Gibbs.
You will need the installer code to access the panel via PC Access via Ethernet.
I think that PC Access is now free.  Maybe connecting to the panel via a serial connection may show you the current installer code.
Have you tried with a key console to access set up with the default installer code "1111"?
pete_c said:
What is it used for?
The keyboard console is a serially connected device which you can utilize to program, send commands to devices like lamps or enable or disable the alarm panel.
You can do this via software like the NQLink Android software mentioned above or iOS or Windows software or Homeseer / OmniPlugin or Home Assistant OmniLinkBridge software.
I've seen used and new Leviton HAI Omni consoles on Ebay. 

Looked and did not see any new or used console on Ebay.

There is a new one here ==>  HAI 33A00-4 Omni Console == > hxxps://www.smarthome-products.com/p-3875-hai-33a00-4-omni-console-with-speaker-microphone.aspx
I was using NQLink, which I paid full price for the app; However, although it was a great app, the creator change the software to a subscription based WITHOUT notice and disable functions within the PAID version. 
Question is, how is the other ones you mentioned?  Homeseer, OmniPlugin or Home Assistant OmniLinkBridge...


The Homeseer and Home Assistant plugin do not have a keyboard code unlock / lock interface.  Its basically just an enable or disable alarm feature.
Trying something here as an experiment.
I am redoing the Wink Relay V2 hub to run just Snaplink which would be a sort of mini console for your panel.
I have not had any issues with Snaplink for Android or Windows 10.  Remotely I run it via an IPSec or OPenVPN tunnel on Windows or Android.
I have not had any issues with OmniTouch Pro software on Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows XP embedded.
The Omnitouch 5.7e's are too slow these days.  The OmniTouch Pro software running on my embedded tablets is much faster.