Can anyone identify this HAI Keypad


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This keypad is noticably bigger than a 33A00-1 and is surface mount only. Note the lcd size is also inset and the front screw holes with dual grills for microphone/speaker. I can't seem to find any reference online or any images that correspond to the product number that's on the board - 15A01-1. Hoping somebody here can identify it.

Picture of the front ....

Picture of the board ...

Back plate
You are right there is very little info on the web, The best I can find is the attached 2000 HAI accessories cut sheet where it is shown as an available console. The circuit board is 15a01-1 but the entire console is 15A00-1. From the 15A00-1 part number, I bet it was paired with the original 1503 Controller. Unfortunately, the 1503 manual is old enough that it doesn't have any pictures. It does call out the console as having the lcd screen and the keypad as only having leds. I have never seen a picture of the led only keypad. Since the chips on the 15A00-1 are dated 1995 and the cutsheet is from 2000. It should be safe to assume it was available from 1995-2000+. Please send me a PM if you ever want to get rid of it.


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Yes, the 15A00 was an earlier console.
Somewhere, somehow, I acquired one. Never installed it in a customer's house. It was too big.
I used it has a test console on many of my installations. I still have it and it works on the latest OP2.