Can't connect to M1XEP


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I am a new user to the ELK M1EZ8. I can find the M1XEP through the latest version of ELKRP. However when I try and connect I get to "Connect verifiying system identity" then it hangs for a bit until it shows an error message that says "System did not respond. Connection may have been terminated" after I hit cancel I then get "System returned invaild information".

I am sure its something that I have overlooked but I am starting to pull my hair out.

I am on my local network and can access the web interface. When I try to login with 3456 I get the M1 is Busy. I assume this is because I have not completed the setup steps thru the RP software.

Here is what I have tried so far:

Set the Enable Non-Secure Port to 2101 and Enabled it.
Checked that in the global settings 35-40 are set to yes.
Using the "Network" setting in RP.

I am not sure of the firmware version. This has been in the box for several months while I was waiting on a home to complete. I am trying to update to the latest firmware but I can't get to that option since RP will never connect to the XEP. According to the tech notes you can't update the firmware over a serial connection? I assume this correct?

Thanks for any tips or suggestions on what to try next!
Welcome to CocoonTech!

Have you enrolled the M1XEP? Does it show up as an enrolled device in Elk RP?

Finally got it to connect. Dummy me when hooking everything up grabbed a crossover cable instead of a normal cat 5 when hooking everything up to the board last night.

Thanks for the quick tip! It made me go back over all my steps to see what I had missed!

Again...thanks so much!