CentraLite LiteJet cost?


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Can anyone give me a ballpark idea of the cost of a LiteJet system? My father (licensed electrician) will be doing the wiring so I am interested in the cost of the equipment alone (if you can even purchase JUST the switches and loads). I think I will need somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 loads for my 3300 sqft 2 story house.

Also any thoughts you have on the LiteJet would be appreciated!


Hi, Chris:

I posted this once before. It was a rough quote that I got a few months back:

The LiteJet comes as pre-configured unit that is capable of dimming 24 loads. You can add a few options for fans and such, but only 24 loads that you can dim.

Two units can be attached together for 48 loads. You can buy it as a 48 load system, or add the second 24 later (not very practical with a hardwired system).

You cannot go beyond 48, and still have it operate as a single unit. You can add a third unit, but there is no way to connect it to the other two, so it would have to operate autonomously.

I believe that the CentraLite "Elegance" system is more flexible for more money.
Thanks Rocco! Are you using the LiteJet? Do you like it? I'm also curious about where to buy the system. I haven't been able to find someone that will just sell me the equipment.

No, I haven't even bought it yet. I was hoping to install it this summer, but it looks like I won't even have the foundation work done by then.

On paper, coupled with the Elk (which is also on paper), I like it a lot. Twenty-four loads was just enough, with one to spare. I like that the Elk can respond to the LiteJet keypads, and the LiteJet can respond to conditions on the Elk (like turning on the porch light when you open the front door). It also saves me on wiring Romex, because of my open floor-plan.
I just bought a 96 load Elegance package for $21,000. This includes everything but the install which my electriction is doing now. It accepts rs232 which i plan on using CQC with it. I plan on programming it myself.