Chat night!


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Come on people, we can repeat last week's performance can't we? we expect to see everyone online again, we had a blast, and hope we can get a repeat performance ;) You can stop by any time of the day, day of the week, but most people gather online around 9pm EST every Friday, see you there!
Yeah! lets see if we can't get some more people drunk and get some more free plug-ins...

I'll try to be there but i am going to dye easter eggs after work today. Hope to be back by 8 or 9
more than welcome to set it up, I can put any url/instructions you want in the topic, I don't know anything about setting this up as I don't have a mic, sounds cool tho.
I wont be able to play today. It'll be late morning/early noon Saurday here during peak chatting hours and we have a bunchof stuf to do! Hope y'all have fun!
Hope y'all had fun. The wife and I were out taking advantage of some last minute Korean bargains before we head back. We had a pretty productive day and didn't even make it home until 7pm.

She's going shopping with her girlfreinds next Saturday (Friday night to y'all) while I wait home for the housing people to come by and do some inspections and repairs, but that means I'll be around for the chat! Woo Hoo! :eek: