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Cocoontech March Madness Contest Winners


I think something could be arranged for a How-To. The quick lowdown can be found at the HS store pages:

ROC Outlook Interface

ROC Randomizer

The Outlook Interface links MS Outlook to HS, letting you schedule HS events, announcements and more from Outlook, even over a network (with Outlook 2000).

The Randomizer does (obviously) random things in HS, like changing a speech item each time an event is run, running events randomly.

Let me know the best spot to do a write up and I'll get something posted.... maybe with a preview of the new project :)


Darn! Was just going to post a how-to and I don't have permission to create a new topic.. lol

And as to that new project, it's another "izer" that will add some fun to HS as well as being useful. I'll keep you posted, I promise!


Steve, are you serious! Everyone should have permissions to that How-to thread. Boy, wait till I get on the admin of this place!!!!

EDIT: I can see electron's point of wanting to verify the format from the author before we started posting a lot of images, etc... Sooooooo I stand corrected (should know better than doubt the BiG E!!!!!!!!!!) ;)