Connecting PC to TR-16 for programming


Hi. One more thing related to my previous posts to TR-16 troubles.
Here is what I have:
- Elk M1 Gold
- Serial Expander
- RS TR-16 thermostat with rs485 thermostat
- rs323 to rs422 converter.

here is what need to do:
- connect pc to tr-16 and have the memory cleared.

Apparently I cant use my rs323 -> rs422 converter.
- Is rs422 and rs485 protocols compatible? Reference

- Can I use M1 Lighting / Thermostat Interface &.Serial Port Expander to connect my pc to TR-16?

- Do I need to buy ELK RS-232 to RS-485 Data Converter ?

- Can I just get something like this? Non-Powered RS 232 / RS 485 Interface Converter

I would appreciate help as soon as possible.

mishab said:
- Can I use M1 Lighting / Thermostat Interface &.Serial Port Expander to connect my pc to TR-16?
You can use the serial port expander to connect to elk. I don't know how you can clear the memory. I have a tr16 connected to the elk using the rs485 and a serial port expander.

I am having issues with connecting TR-16 to my PC using the expander.
When I conenct my null cable to the expander and connect hyper terminal i see lines showing up on the screen.
i do not know what commands are being broadcased and who is broadcasting.
also the rcs technical support just emailed me that there is no way to reset the tr-16. i will need to understand what is stored in memory and clear it.

anyone. please.
FYI, don't forget, if you want to send native RCS commands to the TR-16 using the M1 and XSP serial expander you have to configure it as a serial port, not a thermostat interface. Configured as a tstat interface it will not pass text strings from M1 rules to the TR-16.

mishab, just re-read your last post and realized it sounds like you might be trying to use the XSP serial expander/tstat interface without the M1, i.e. PC -> XSP -> TR-16. I don't know if that's possible as the XSP would only react to M1 formatted commands through their RS-485 interface. If you want the TR-16 to do things that are not covered by the actions available from M1 rules then you have to configure the XSP as a serial port expander, connect the TR-16 to the XSP, connect the XSP to the M1, connect PC to the M1 and send RCS native commands as text strings from M1 rules.

I apologize if I have misunderstood what you're trying to do...