controlling elk through MCE


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Is there a good way to control my elk or x10 devices through Windows Media Center? I know there is a homeseer plugin, but it seems overpriced and has had terrible reviews on the homeseer forum.
Is there a good way to control my elk or x10 devices through Windows Media Center

I think the best approach to this is for all those interested in an MCE plugin for the Elk is to solicit Ted Singh of Embedded Automation and express interest in having their software support the Elk M1 product!

They have added various product capabilities in the past and are open to suggestions for future support applications.

They already support X-10 devices (as well as Insteon and Z-Wave) and their software has a trial version. I used their software a while ago using a CM11a for X-10 support and liked the looks of it.

Ted is a regular Cocooner (and a very nice man as I met him at CES in January) so he may chime in here as well! ;)
Spanky said:
Ted Singh and mControl should have it working or very close to working with the M1.
Wow, excellent news indeed. I love it when a plan comes together!! :D

This will send mControl into main stream HA! It's a good piece of software and our users should give it a try, especially when it has Elk capability.

As far as I know (and I know I'll be corrected if I am wrong ;) ) mControl is the only viable software which will operate in the MCE environment (natively) for general Home Automation applications/use. It also has some IP camera support as well.

{Let's see if anyone can guess why "viable" was in bold...}
Hi guys,

Yes, mControl v1.50, scheduled for mid-June, will have Elk M1 support. Actually, we demonstrated this funcitonalty at the EHX Spring 2005 (Orlando, FL) tradeshow.

Some of the other features within mControl v1.50:
- Support for Ultra-mobile PCs (800 x 480 screen size)
- Support for Axis cameras
- Support for Media Center events (e.g., auto-launch a macro upon playing a DVD)
- Other features to be announced later

As for whole house audio, the Media Center design allows for distribution of audio using extenders or other PCs. Of course, since everything is on a network share, you can use other technologies to access the music too.

Our software follows the Media Center SDK as close as possible, which allows us to support extenders without modification.

Thanks for the reply Ted. This sounds like an exciting update for mControl!

So with the Elk support it will require a main PC to connect via serial or ethernet. So I'm assuming that we could then control/monitor various features via media extenders correct?
So far we've written to connect via serial, but will support Ethernet at a later date.

Yes, you will be able to view/change M1 via extenders.