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(Provo, UT – January 4, 2006) Today, ControlThink introduces the new Z-Wave Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK), enabling rapid development of Z-Wave certified software for mobile devices. This product makes it simple for all hardware and software developers to integrate Z-Wave home control technology into any Windows CE-based mobile or embedded device with just a few lines of codes.

“Traditionally, consumers have had to use computers or expensive equipment to directly control their home,†said Chris Walker, ControlThink President. “Now with the introduction of the Z-Wave Mobile SDK we are literally putting that control in the palm of the consumer’s hand through mobile devices such as their pocket PC or even a phone. With the Mobile SDK, Z-Wave can go anywhere.â€

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This object-oriented SDK is compatible with Microsoft .NET–based languages (including C# and VB.NET). It supports all types of Z-Wave devices including lighting, climate control, garage doors, drapes, security and many others.

ControlThink is premiering the Mobile SDK on ViewSonic’s V210 Wireless Display at CES, Thursday, Jan.5 through Sunday, Jan. 8, 2006.

Support, free minor updates and a developer community are available at The Z-Wave Mobile SDK is available now for integration into hardware and software projects. Call 888.90THINK for more information.

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I wonder what the hardware interface is? There are usually no USB ports on mobile devices. Anybody make a bluetooth/Wifi to Zwave device yet.

Tom, Electron:

We don't have an SDK bundle (with a controller) ready yet--just the library itself. The biggest reason for the Mobile SDK is so that it's easy for hardware manufacturers to put a Z-Wave chip into their embedded and mobile devices so that software developers can write software on top of their platform. The other reason is so that those developers can take advantage of the Z-Wave chips making it into various consumer electronics devices.

We're working on putting together either an RS232 or USB SDK package to make it easy to start generic Windows CE development.

It would be really cool to see Z-Wave built into Pocket PCs, Smartphones, Touchpanels, etc. And that's not mentioning all the various types of embedded devices which could intelligently communicate with buildings with just a few lines of code.

Just a quick note: in addition to all RS232 Z-Wave controllers and the ACT and Cooper USB controllers, the Z-Wave Mobile SDK is also compatible with the upcoming Cooper Aspire RF SDIO card.

We're working on a bundle of the Mobile SDK and one of these devices, and hope to have more news in the not-so-distant future :D