ControlThink SDK details


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Thats what I thought also but I was told that the 2.0 version is working for everyone else as well as the 1.1 version. So it seems like it was written for .net 1.1 and that it is now backwards compatible. However it uses the latest .net framework installed and there must be an issue with 2.0 and my pc.

I did a clean install of windows xp and I am experiencing the same issues with both ThinkEssentials by ControlThink and my own custom applications which use communication ports. I have not tested my serial ports yet but they were broke before i rebooted and now after the complete reboot of xp my USB stuff is not working with 2.0


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Just a quick update: for the 1.1 beta SDK, we have just released an update which includes full association functionality. Now, you can associate any device with any device, and network updates will automatically cascade throughout the object model.

We have updated the thermostat sample (in the "wiring closet" forum) to reflect this--now you can get "live status" updates from an ACT thermostat when you press the MODE and FAN MODE buttons.

Speaking of which, a Z-Wave module got fried tonight. It was really nice being able to just call "Controller.RemoveFailedDevice(...)" and have the device disappear from the controller and routing tables without having to re-create the network!