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AUSTIN, TX ­- February 23, 2006 - Cortexa Technology today announced that SmartLabs™ INSTEON-enabled line of affordable lighting control products are fully compatible and supported by the Cortexa home automation system. The offering is part of the company's continuing effort to drive quality and innovation in products and technologies to the home automation market at price points that are accessible to all home owners.
The line of INSTEON-enabled products is competitively priced to match or surpass pricing offered at regular home improvement stores for non-networked type products like dimmer switches. These lighting products are the foundation for any state of the art home control system like Cortexa, with lighting being one of the primary sub-systems within a home that consumers want to automate.

Cortexa also announced full support for the INSTEON protocol, the new standard in electronic home control networking that uses a unique, combination of Power Line Carrier (PLC) and Radio Frequency (RF) technologies to provide low cost, yet highly reliable automation products for use within the home or office. All Cortexa home automation systems will now support this innovative technology standard.

"At Cortexa, we are driven to providing the most advanced technology in home automation to every consumer at a price point that is completely affordable," said Billy Martin, chief executive officer, Cortexa Technology. "We applaud SmartLabs for their innovation and leadership in the development of the INSTEON protocol and lighting control products and we will fully embrace all future INSTEON-enabled products. The proven reliability and affordability of these products is entirely consistent with our mission. The clear winner here is the consumer."

With the addition of INSTEON, the Cortexa system now supports seven different lighting platforms and technologies, including Lutron's Radio RA and Homeworks, Vantage, PCS Lighting's UPB and Z-Wave from Zensys. The Cortexa solution integrates these lighting systems with other sub-systems such as security, audio and HVAC to provide a total home automation solution.

About SmartLabs, Inc.

SmartLab's INSTEON, the new technology standard in electronic home control networking, uses a simple, low-cost combination of powerline and radio frequency communications to link core home systems such as lighting, security, comfort control, consumer electronics, appliances and safety sensors, allowing them to be controlled or monitored from anywhere in the world. INSTEON-enabled products can also bridge to other networks, such as Wi-Fi LANs, the Internet and telephony and entertainment distribution systems, allowing products to serve as the foundation for a very robust integrated home control environment.

About Cortexa Technology, Inc.

Based in Austin, Texas, Cortexa Technology Inc. is a privately held company that develops and markets home automation systems to bring increased functionality and efficiency to all homes with an emphasis on mid-market homes. The Cortexa product is engineered from the ground up and includes both the software and solid state hardware. The company's founders are passionate about providing home automation for all and, during development of the product, focused on affordability, dependability and usability. To find out more about Cortexa Technology, visit
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awww man......

Why e? WHY???? :angry:

I had put cortexa off of the radar, but it seems like they just keep adding great support for their platform.

The only thing still keeping me from making the move to cortexa is the GUI. Come on customization? Honestly now...

Thanks for the news E. :D