Decora Switch Cover Plates.


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Hi all,

This is pretty low-tech but I thought it might be useful.

I was in WalMart this morning and saw some Decora style switch cover plates (the plastic covers) for $.49 each. And picked up a couple. These are made by GE and bear an ID code of 43180 58912.

Long story short, I could not get a flush fit to the wall with these. My switches are not 100% flat to the wall. I could however get a flush fit with the Levetron brand that I bought from SH.

Yet something else to be aware of.

If you go after screwless trimplates (look nice) I found the Compli ones to have a similar issue, and they sometimes expose drywall issues that would normally be covered.

I bought the Lutron ones at Home Depot and have been real happy (enough to swap out all trimplates).