Diginet 5.1 + ATI Video Card


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I purchased two 8ch cards dvr cards on ebay and then bought the diginet 5.1 software from dvr-usa.com.

The system I tried it with had an Intel 3000 server chipset and a On-board XGI Z7 16MB graphics chip.

Diginet gave an error about lack of video memory, so I purchased an Nvidia FX5200 128mb PCI card. I purchased a PCI card since the board has no AGP slot and only a 8x PCIe slot.

The video memory error has gone, but now although I see camera pictures in the motion sensor setup, I can't see any video in the main display.

Having read most of the diginet info on here, I see that I need an ATI card. The best PCI cards I find are the Radeon 9250 or 9600SE. Howver the more I read, I'm concerned that either of these won't be sufficient for watching 16x video streams at once?

I can change the motherboard to a Intel D955XBK and then get any ATI PCIe card. What are the best ATI PCIe cards that people have had working with diginet 5.1?