Diginet Center - I need help viewing from remote location.


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This is a reinstall so the ports have already been forwarded. I'm using a Linksys router and I do have a static IP address. What setting do I need to input in Diginet Center and do I need to set anything in Diginet Site?

I have searched but have been unable to find a thread where this process was laid out in layman's terms.

Let's just say I'm not sure if the address is a static IP address.
I think your on your own with that one, ive tried everything i have found both in the manuals and on these forums and others best ive managed with it was viewing remotly on my network, i got that fed up i baught blueIris software and even that is a pain I wanted to veiw it on my PDA and work computer all i get is server connection lost and can not show inline frame on PDA browser, with the diginet software i searced high and low for PDA veiwer all to no avail, it seems when you buy a CLONED card from ebay your a lepper no support from card supplyer at best garbled Chinese, it appears these cards use Kodicom software but i think it is copied, and as you will proberbly see in these forums you gets what you pay for, in our case a £40 card pirated software and plenty of head scratching.