can't access from the network LTEIIe


I've read through a number of the threads here with similar problems, but none of the solutions seem to have helped me.

My board out of the blue stopped communicating with my HSC3 pi and I've been trying to track down the issue. The red light on the board stopped working. My first stab was adding an old hub between the Omni board and the network. The left light on the board lit, but there was no activity and the activity light on the hub didn't come on either. Next I connected my computer directly to the board and it seemed to work. The lights were active and I was able to ping the IP number of the board. I was unable to make a connecting from PCA to the board. I reconfigured a separate router plugged directly to the board and again there was no activity and the red light wouldn't even come on.

I have unplugged the power and battery, but no change.

I really hate to think it's dead, but I'm sure not having any luck. Don't really want to think about a replacement. Any thoughts on what I might try?