Direct TV and PCI Card


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I just finished reading the HDTV thread with tuner cards, and did not find an answer, so here is a new thread.......

I have Direct TV and would like to build a PVR. I have searched the net, and am more confused that when I started! First, and foremost, I need to get a card that will receive Direct TV, and take my access card. I have found cards that say they receive satellite, but not direct TV specifically, or any subscribed services actually. Does it even matter what provider you use (Direct TV, Dish Network ect) when purchasing a card to work in the US? I would immagine the smart card would have the info on it and when inserted would work with the perticular network it is set up for. But I am not certain either way. Also when setting up a new card, you have to call the provider, and the card will only work on the perticular box it is set up for, so how do you activate a card for use in a PC? Then there is the issue with the phone connection. Can it be set to update with the computers network (I am usinf DSL). Any suggestions on what type of card I need to get? At the moment I am not interested in High Def recording.

Any help is much appreceiated!
Currently, there are NO cards that will decrypt Direct TV service. Its common to use a PVR-250 (or 150), and have the S-video out on the directv receiver go into the card. Due to piracy issues, don't expect DirecTv to ever, ever have a pc card that will accept the smart card...

There are DVB-S cards on the market, that can be used in a HTPC, but they are for European sat. service (mainly). I have a friend that uses one and receives alot of Candian programming, but I al=so believe that he had to upgrade the dish from the 18" round to the Oval style in order to hit their birds.
Well..... Not the news I wantd to hear ;)

having to have the mediaserver send IR commands to change the channel on a satelite set-top box, and all that, was what I was trying to avoid.

Looks like that is the route I am going to have to go however.

I just purchased MSMCE 2005 from a local computer shop. I have transfered all my home movies, & 30 gigs of MP3's to it thus far. I have yet to get a PVR card, and that is the next step. This is all new to me, and it is an ongoing learning experience for sure ;)

Check out the HTPC cases thread. I found a couple of really nice HTPC cases with VERY reasonable pricing. I opted for the Cavalier, and it should be here in a few days.